After a chance meeting with management last week during a visit to the country, a Nigerian software developer landed on Twitter.

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Together with the Nigerian family of innovation and entrepreneur Jack Dorsey and other Twitter executives, Dara Oladosu met in Africa for a “listening and reading” trip.

An initial stop was a meeting of tech publishers where the Oladosu application, Quoted Answers, a Twitter bot was discussed, which helps users to collect quoted tweet replies.

Oladosu wasn’t in the first guest lists for the TechpointNG meeting, but he was able to meet Twitter bosses with a last-minute invite.

“At Titi… the woman who questioned me on Techpoint reports offered me Jack’s pass. She wondered if I could do that and by mistake, at the moment I was on the job, and I did so before the case finally ended,” Oladosu told CNN.

Impressed by his success, Parag Agrawal, Chief Technology Officer, and Mike Montano, the engineering team chief, included Kayvon Beykpour, product manager and co-founder of PeriScope.

“Perhaps somebody in the crowd spoke about the bot before I went on to the case. Then, when the person finished, Titi introduced me as the programmer who had designed the microphone.

Kayvon Beykpour, Product Leader at Twitter, told Twitter in a video of the event that the team is prepared to implement quoted responses on Twitter and wants Oladosu to join the team is working.

“We have to do it, and we’ll love to see you are joining the company and help us,” he says in the video. “Thank you very much for building it.”

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The job offer for Oladosu is a real dream.

“With Twitter, I’ve got a lot of ideas I’d want to implement, one of my dream places to work,” he said.

“I hunted their office many times in the past to find ways to give myself what I want on a gold plate.

Now, he says that he wants a native quoted replies to feature to work with the Twitter team. “You don’t need to use bot any more with the native functionality, and you just could see quoted answers on the device or the website,” he said.

Once approached by CNN, Twitter refused to comment on the job offer.

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Oladosu, 27, developed his latest viral bot in 2018, which allows users to control all of the quoted tweets.

Oladosu is currently working with the tech development company that supports Facebook, Andela, and claims he was motivated by quotation reactions when he realized people wanted to add cited quotes to their tweets.

I began to research the development of bot to do that stop me from explaining how to do it all the time. I tried to have used it without going to me, ” told CNN.” I figured I could use the search bar to find the tweets quoted.

In 2015, Twitter unveiled its “Retweet with a comment,” which allows users to quote tweets directly with their comments.

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Oladosu says that he started bot in December 2018 but has had a lot of changes, because it first marked as a spam bot by Twitter.

In July 2019, it became famous, and in October, the bot was impressed by 46,2 million. This figure could not be verified independently by CNN.

Oladosu’s friends, Hamza Fetuga and Abdulhafeez Sagaya, have quoted replies that also have an Android and IOS app.

Oladosu is pleased to build on his current work with the Twitter team’s Quoted Response. “I am exhausted. I have many suggestions that they can hopefully incorporate along the way,” he added.


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