Blake Griffin: A Dunk Through My Eyes

With All-Star weekend approaching we’ll be bringing you Myspace exclusives of Blake Griffin. Without further ado check out the latest Griffin videos:

Griffin has made his name in the league for doing one thing, dunking everything in sight. Not many people get to experience throwing one down, especially the way Blake does. This video of the Rookie of the Year front-runner shows what Griffin sees before he puts one down. While the dunk may not be Griffin’s best, it definitely gives a feel for what Griffin has done this year, and it’s all from his eyes:

Pretty straight forward Blake Griffin interview. In it he addresses whether or not Vinny Del Negro’s name should be changed to Vinny Del African American.

Listen to what Blake has to say about a fan mishap that happened during a game. We really wonder what the fan thinks of Griffin talking about the mishap? Personally we’d be honored if Blake said anything about us, even this.

In this clip the interviewer seems unable to grasp the concept that the basket is taller than Blake. Seems like a difficult concept to grasp.

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