Blake Griffin Rookie Card > 2011 Nissan Versa

Would you rather have a brand new car, or a piece of cardboard with a swatch of jersey and a signature from Blake Griffin? Well that option is yours because Griffin’s rarest and most desirable card is up for auction with the asking price of $14,999.

Panini, who manufactures the trading cards for the NBA, blogged about the rising value of Blake’s rookie cards. The National Treasures card has a few variations with the “base” version, which is limited to 99 copies, that features a picture of Griffin, a swatch of his jersey, and his signature. Currently the “base” version is valued at $2,500 in Beckett, which is the industry standard for basketball card pricing. Copies of the “base” version are selling for more than $3,000 on eBay.

The version listed for $14,999 is limited to just FIVE copies and features the same picture, same signature, and a “premium” jersey swatch, which is usually from the number, name, or logo with multiple colors. The card is definitely beautiful and it might actually be an investment that can appreciate, unlike the Versa.

Appreciation in basketball cards isn’t rare. When LeBron James’ best rookie card, Upper Deck’s Exquisite Collection, hit the market it was selling for $2,500 in 2005, but now sells for more than $5,000 at auction. That card is signed, with a smaller jersey swatch, and limited to 99 copies. His gold version, limited to 23 copies, sells for more than $20,000. So if you think Blake can surpass LeBron in terms of value, you’re actually getting in cheap at $15,000.

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