Evan Turner Put On Lunch Duty

Rookie hazing continues as Evan Turner was on lunch duty today.

For most of us, traveling makes us hungry. Because we’re usually traveling alone or with a couple of people we’ll typically pack a small snack before we head to the airport, or if we’re in a rush, we’ll grab something there. But what happens when you’re traveling with an entire NBA team? How do you possibly satisfy all of those growling stomachs? For Evan Turner the answer was simple, Chic-fil-A.

Before the Philadelphia 76ers boarded their plane to New Jersey (where they’ll take on the Nets tomorrow night) Turner was in charge of feeding the team. We don’t know the specifics of the order, but you’d have to image Turner needed some extra hands to bring back the food.

If each player on the team ordered a basic chicken sandwich, it would mean Turner carried home 17 sandwiches. At $5.95 a sandwich the order would total $101.15. For the health nuts, it would mean 6,460 calories and 221 grams of fat. However, the order likely included more than one sandwich per teammate so those numbers are certainly on the low end.

Evan Turner_Chic-fil-A

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