Dominique Jones: One Dedicated Rookie

Dominique Jones of the Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks seem to have made the right choice by selecting Dominique Jones with the 25th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. Shortly after being drafted, Jones went to Las Vegas where he led the Mavericks summer league team in scoring, dropping 17 points per game. He also added four rebounds and three assists per game. That performance earned Jones a spot on the All-Rookie team. However, as solid of a showing Jones had, he wasn’t impressed with it; rating the performance a “C” because he “could have done a lot better.”

After summer league was over Jones attended the Rookie Transition Program (RTP) along with 50 other rookies, where he listened to those who came before him speak about life in and outside the NBA. Although several of the speakers may have put Jones to sleep, he was glad he took part in the program as he learned valuable information from the veterans.

Seeing as the RTP is comprised of approximately 50 other NBA rookies, you would think Jones would have had a great time talking and joking with the guys. That simply was not the case. Jones is 100% focused on improving his game and representing the Dallas Mavericks in a positive light and sometimes that means keeping to yourself.

“I think that everything is business,” said Jones. “The only friends that I want to have is players on the Mavs. I feel like I’m representing the Mavericks so when I see this person or this person, if we’re in a certain environment we may clown around but I don’t go taking their numbers like ‘hey, we should be cool’ because that’s not where my mind is at right now.”

Jones is currently in Dallas preparing for the Mavericks training camp and knows that with camp comes rookie hazing. For the most part Jones realizes he must pay his dues, but he is hoping that his hair remains off limits.

Check out the video below:

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