Larry Sanders: The Medium Is The Message

Larry Sanders: The Medium Is The Message

Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks Twitter Icon

Many didn’t know what to expect when the Milwaukee Bucks selected Larry Sanders with the 15th pick overall in the 2010 NBA Draft.  Sanders played three years at VCU, had impressive sophomore and junior seasons, but was still under the radar going into draft night and considered by many to be raw and a project. There were actually rumors that the Bucks promised Sanders early in the draft process that they would take him at 15, and that if he didn’t go to the Bucks there, he would have fallen.

The one thing you knew the Bucks would be getting out of Sanders is his shot blocking ability. Sanders is extremely long, can run the floor well for a big man, and certainly uses his length to alter shots in the paint. He showed his shot blocking ability in college, averaging 2.6 blocks per game for his career. Most recently, his shot blocking was on display in Las Vegas during Summer League play.  In his five games in Las Vegas, Sanders averaged 3.2 blocks per game (5 against the Miami Heat), along with 14 points and 8.4 rebounds. Not too shabby for a “project.”

Sanders may have been the biggest surprise of Summer League. He possesses combination of skill, athleticism, and length that not many can compete with. He also possesses a combination of tattoos that very few NBA players can compete with. If you take a look at Sanders Twitter icon image above you’ll quickly see what I mean. In fact, Sanders is so tatted up that he made DIME Magazine’s Third Team NBA All-Tattoo Team (although I think he should have made First Team).

Sanders most notable tattoos seem to be the guns on his lower stomach. In addition to the hand guns, his right arm displays “Chosen 1.”  Maybe he should have checked with LeBron before getting that one done.

Sanders uses his body as a canvas and isn’t done painting yet. He was actually getting a new tattoo on Friday and seemed a bit scared. Check out his tweets below.

Larry Sanders At The Tattoo Shop

Larry Sanders Scared Of Getting Tattoo

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