2010 NBA Draft Prospect Interview: Paul George

Few names in this years NBA Draft have shot up draft boards like Paul George. He was considered a late first round pick when he first announced his intention to forgo his junior and senior years at Fresno State to enter his name in the NBA Draft. A player entering his name isn’t usually newsworthy, but George was the first prospect to due so over Twitter.

“I think Twitter is a fun way to be active socially. It’s a lot of fun. I’ll definitely keep tweeting,” said George when asked about whether he’ll continue using Twitter once in the NBA.

While George may have made headlines for the medium he chose to declare, he’s kept scouts and writers attention by performing incredibly well in workouts. George is a 6’9″ wing that has the length and athleticism that NBA teams covet. GMs and scouts have been wowed by his ability to knock it down from the NBA three point-line, and equally impressed by his ability to put the ball on the floor and finish around the rim. Despite all this ability, there is still one person he’s never beat, his sister Teiosha.

“I actually to this day never beat her,” said George when asked how old he was when he first beat his sister Teiosha in basketball. “Once I got to the level to where I was good, she just wasn’t going to play me anymore. To be honest I probably never beat her yet. She was smart about it. She got her wins in early.”

He is not competing with his sister for a draft spot though, so George should be ok. Most mock drafts have George projected somewhere in the teens. At The Rookie Wall we cannot see him lasting past the Bucks at 15th overall, and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him go as high as 8th overall to the Clippers.

George’s production at Fresno State was on par with the other elite wings in this draft: Xavier Henry, Luke Babbitt, and Gordon Hayward. Where George surpasses all the players just listed is in his upside and his ability to play both the two and three position because of his length.

“Well, I see myself much more of a ball handler and a play maker. I feel good with either or position . . . but I just feel much more of a two guard because I’m much more versatile at that position,” said George of why he considers himself more of a two guard than a three.

No matter where he ends up playing as a rookie he’ll be our best sleeper candidate for Rookie of the Year.

Check out the interview The Rookie Wall had with Paul George below:

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