Xavier Henry

Xavier Henry could move into the top ten due to the lack of other shooting guards in the draft.  There’s no question he’ll be the first one off the board, unless you’re considering Turner to be a shooting guard.

Strengths: Henry is probably one of the strongest shooting guards in recent memory, he is absolutely jacked.  He can score the ball in a variety of ways and has a natural tendancy to put the ball in the basket.  When he gets to the free throw line, which he does frequently, he is basically automatic.  His jump shot shows great form and he has range out to the NBA three point line.

Weaknesses: His fantastic build would lead many to believe he is an elite athlete, but the fact is he is not a freak like DeMar DeRozan or Terrence Williams last year.  He doesn’t have the ability to just absolutely beat his man one-on-one due to his struggles handling the ball.  He turns the ball over too much for a player of his caliber.  Finally, he is very inconsistent defensively.

NBA Comparison: Paul Pierce