Wesley Johnson

Wesley Johnson was a First Team All-American this year for the Syracuse Orangemen after transferring from Iowa State follwing his sophomore year.  Johnson is in a crowded group with Aminu, Ed Davis, and Patrick Patterson for spots in the top ten.

Strengths: Johnson is one of the most complete players in this draft.  He has the frame of an NBA small forward.  He can take smaller players in the post and step outside and punish defenders who give him too much space.  This year he shot better than 40 percent from three, giving him the edge over Aminu in that category.  He played in the Big East, largely considered this years toughest basketball conference.  His rebounding was also impressive and he was a threat to get 20 and 10 every night.

Weaknesses: He suffered a wrist injury, and despite a phenomenal NCAA Tournament teams will take a look at it.  Additionally, he puts the ball on the floor ok, but it could use improvement.  His defense is pretty much an unknown considering that Syracuse spent their time in a zone.  He is an decent passer, but again this aspect of his game could use improvement.

NBA Comparison: Rudy Gay