Stanley Robinson

Stanley Robinson had his best season as a college basketball player, but his team underperformed, which affected him negatively.  We expect him to go somewhere in the mid-first round, and he could move as high as the lottery.

Strengths: Absolutely a freak of nature athlete with good strength for a hybrid forward.  Showed the ability to score working off the ball this season for UConn.  Improved his offense significantly from his junior to senior season.  Rebounded the ball effectively from the power forward position.  Has an effective mid-range game and finishes well at the rim.

Weaknesses: Needs to develop consistency when shooting from the outside.  People may still see him as a tweener who doesn’t really have the size to play power forward or the outside game to play small forward.  Needs to develop the ability to put the ball on the floor.  Should work on his passing and basketball IQ.

NBA Comparison: Tyrus Thomas