Solomon Alabi

Solomon Alabi is a project center in a draft full of better project centers.  That moves his stock to the bottom of the first round.  However, if he can out-work the other centers he may move up into the teens.

Strengths: Alabi possess an incredible ability to block shots.  His long arms and lean frame give him the tools to be an elite help defender at the NBA level.  For his size he runs the floor well and has great agility.  He has the mechanics to improve his face up game, and already shoots a decent percentage from the foul line.

Weaknesses: Solomon will most benefit from more time on the court and intensive training.  Beyond that, his frame could put on substantially more weight, which he’ll have to do to play center at the NBA level.  Offensively he is very raw, but aggressive, so he’ll have to learn how to play within himself for the first few years of his career.

NBA Comparison: Stephen Hunter