Paul George

Paul George was the first major player to announce his intention to declare via Twitter.  He plays a hybrid power forward position, and has the ability to really help his draft position in individual workouts.

Strengths: Another player in the first round that has outstanding size and length for the small forward position in the NBA.  George is also an incredibly gifted athlete who uses that athleticism to finish around the rim and get easy shots for himself working off the ball.  He reworked his free throw shooting, now making over 90 percent from the charity stripe.  Such a dedication will allow George to develop a consistent outside jumper.

Weaknesses: A lot of his shots come from behind the three point line, which is fine, but to become a more effective NBA player he needs to work on putting the ball on the floor.  Plays stiff on defense, often time not being in a good position which leaves him vulnerable to get beat off the dribble.  He looks like a fantastic athlete/player, but there will be a question about his level of competition.

NBA Comparison: Shawn Marion