Patrick Patterson

A lot of people questioned Patterson’s decision to return to Kentucky for his junior season, but ultimately it was the right decision.  Patterson finished his degree at Kentucky in three years and has been working out in the off season with Hell’s Trainer in San Francisco .  With good individual workouts Patterson could find himself in the mid-lottery.

Strengths: Patterson might be the best true power forward in the draft.  Where Aminu and Johnson both have the ability to play the three, Patterson is absolutely a power forward.  This year he continued to rebound the ball very well, even with DeMarcus Cousins hauling everything in.  The greatest improvement was his ability to score from outside, adding a three point game to his repertoire making him a threat whenever the ball is in his hands.  He also understands the game, so he should be able to contribute right away.

Weaknesses: The ability to dribble and move the ball are two things that Patterson will have to work on before individual workouts.  He does understand the game, but sometimes struggles to find the open man.  Defensively he isn’t fantastic, and struggles to block shots showing poor timing.  Also, a lot has been made of his less than ideal size.

NBA Comparison: Paul Millsap with range