John Wall

Wall is being touted as the type of point guard that comes around once in a generation.  We agree that he’s the best player in the draft and a lock to go #1 overall, but once in a generation might be pushing it considering we had Derrick Rose just two years ago.

Strengths: Wall does just about everything well at the point guard position.  He has great size, length, speed, and athleticism that will immediately translate to the NBA game.  Beyond that, he already has experience juggling egos as he dealt with all the personalities at Kentucky this season. Wall excels at putting the ball on the floor and in isolation situations.  As the season went on he showed an increased ability to knock down his jump shot.   Defensively, he is solid, but not spectacular.

Weaknesses: There are some questions about Wall’s jumper, as he didn’t really have a reliable one for most of the season.  His range doesn’t extend to the NBA three yet, but he can learn to shoot better from distance.  His turnovers were high for a point guard, but that comes with being a freshman and playing at such breakneck speeds.

NBA Comparison: Dwyane Wade