Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe is another forward, or center, who could have left after his freshman year, but chose to come back.  He answered some questions about his game, but the big question regarding his heart remaines.  There is a chance one of the bigmen slip into the 20s and we wouldn’t be shocked if it was Monroe.  At the same time, he could go fifth overall and we wouldn’t be surprised.

Strengths: From a number and skills standpoint there is nothing to dislike about Monroe. As a sophomore, he improved on his impressive freshman campaign, increasing his points, rebounds and assists per game.  He has a high basketball IQ and knows what to do when he gets the ball in his hands.  An absolutely wonderful passer out of double teams and in transition.  Defensively, he can match-up with either power forwards and centers due to agility and size.

Weaknesses: Monroe doesn’t have the killer instinct as does DeMarcus Cousins, and for stretches he absolutely disappears.  His shooting percentages were down this year, which may have been due to the attention he received from opposing defenses.  There is no chance he’ll be the go-to guy on a playoff team, so all the lottery teams lacking a superstar probably won’t take Monroe.

NBA Comparison: Less explosive Amare Stoudemire