Evan Turner

In any other draft class Evan Turner would likely go number one overall.  NBA scouts are comparing him to Brandon Rush who can run his teams offense, score inside and out, and rebound incredibly well for a guard.  Turner will play more of a small forward in the NBA, but the ability to play three or four positions will make him highly sought after on draft day.

Strengths: Almost every facet of Evan’s game is a strength.  He has good size and athleticism for a small forward.  He passes the ball well for a three in the NBA.  His rebounding in college was incredible for a player that played point guard.  He shoots the ball well from the perimeter and punishes smaller players in the post.   Defensively he is adequate, but not elite yet.

Weaknesses: His ball handling is adequate, but to excel in isolation situations at the highest level he must get better off the dribble.  His frame can support more weight and to be more durable he should add more muscle.  Also, some may be concerned with his back injury, but his performance down the stretch for Ohio State should alleviate any concern.

NBA Comparison: Brandon Roy