Eric Bledsoe

This certainly wasn’t the way Eric Bledsoe wanted his season at Kentucky to end.  Bledsoe shouldn’t be so sad, because he probably has the most upside in this draft.  Despite playing out of position at Kentucky because of John Wall, we expect him to be drafted fairly high.  As individual workouts progress, we would not be surprised to see Eric in the lottery.

Strengths: Great wingspan and an elite caliber athlete.  Has such long arms that he’s very strong defending man to man against either guard position.  A true point guard, who didn’t get to show his play-making at Kentucky because he primarily played off the ball.  Has good form and the ability to score from NBA three point range.  Strong ball handler that has yet to show his passing ability against high level competition.

Weaknesses: Some people are convinced that he can’t play point guard at the next level.  Turned the ball over too much, regardless of the position he played in college.  Struggled to score consistently in college.

NBA Comparison: Mo Williams