Ekpe Udoh

Udoh burst on to the scene as a junior with Baylor, making a run to the Elite Eight.  This isn’t the best year for Udoh to declare mainly because of all the other similar bigmen.  We see Udoh in the lottery, but like the other bigs he could find himself slipping to the middle of the first round.

Strengths: Udoh is a very good offensive rebounder due to his quickness and leaping ability.  Those same skills allow him to be a great shot blocker, averaging 3.7 per game as a junior.  He achieves such a high number of blocks through his incredible timing and feel for when a shot is going up.  His vision and feel when passing out of the double team is better than most bigs in the draft.  Runs the floor well and finishes around the rim in transition.

Weaknesses: Udoh has a very basic back to the basic game that needs to get more consistent.  He also needs to become better at putting the ball on the floor and facing up to be a dynamic scorer.  For a bigman he doesn’t finish well through contact, which is why he needs to add weight to his frame.  Older than the players he’ll be compared to, so his potential may be considered somewhat limited.

NBA Comparison: Kevin Garnett