Donatas Motiejunas

We don’t have Donatas as high as many other mock drafts do. He’s got good size and athleticism, but we just don’t know how he’ll do against the elite talent in the NBA.  His big games in Italy have come against what one agent called, “a team of villagers.”  With that said, he’s a lock for the first round, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see him go in the lottery.

Strengths: Great size with a frame that can support a lot more weight.  Effective scorer that uses his body well and has the ability to score from out to the NBA three point line.  Unlike most Europeans, he doesn’t shy away from contact around the basket and in the low block.  A good athlete with good footwork.  An above average defender in Europe.

Weaknesses: Body is still growing into itself and he needs to add more weight.  Lacks in game experience.  Appeared bored playing against players his age and appeared to get easily frustrated when struggling in Italy this season.

NBA Comparison: Young Dirk Nowitzki