Derrick Favors

Derrick Favors may have been the most underused talent in all of college basketball.  With better guard play we could have seen Favors put up numbers that exceeded most of the other bigmen in this draft.  It is hard for us to see Favors falling out of the top five.

Strengths: One of the most athletic bigmen in recent drafts.  Has a fantastic vertical, is quick from block to block, and runs very well in the open court.  Has a long frame that can put on a lot of weight without losing speed or agility.  Blocks shots as a help defender very well.  Is an effective rebounder, who got better as the season went on.

Weaknesses: Still not entirely ready to contribute on the NBA level.  The weak guard play made it difficult to see what he could really do in the ACC.  He needs to improve his low post game and develop a more consistent face up game.  His feel for the game is not where many of the other bigs in the draft are, but that should come with time.

NBA Comparison: Anthony Randolph