DeMarcus Cousins

The issues for DeMarcus are not focused around his play on the court, but rather on his attitude and love of the game.  Such questions won’t be answered until individual team workouts.  On the court, Cousins was an absolute force for Kentucky and there’s little doubt he can contribute right away in the league  Like Favors, we expect Cousins name to be called in the top five.

Strengths: Cousins will enter the league with an NBA body.  He could add some strength, but he is comfortable at his playing weight, so there isn’t a lot of concern there.  He showed a great ability about getting into the low block and seemed very comfortable scoring with his back to the basket.  He was a double-double machine who rebounded very well for the Wildcats all season.  Defensively, he has the strength to keep people off the blocks and plays in good position.

Weaknesses: Despite his defensive positioning he is too physical, and picks up cheap fouls, which sent him to the bench.  Developing a face up game would take him to the next level.  Another weakness he has is a feel for the game, failing to realize when he should take a shot and when he should reset the offense.  The off-the-court issues have been discussed at length, but he does need to become more coachable to succeed in the league.

NBA Comparison: Zach Randolph