Daniel Orton

Daniel Orton didn’t exactly blow people away with his numbers in his lone season at Kentucky.  Looking deeper though all the tools are there for a long and productive career.  He’s got NBA size and a frame that can get even stronger.  By the time the draft rolls around, we’ll probably have Orton on the verge of the lottery.

Strengths: Already has great size and build.  Soft hands in the post and ability to finish with either hand around the basket.  Understands positioning and getting as deep as possible on the offensive end.  Good athlete who uses size and leaping ability to be an outstanding shot blocker.  Well positioned for rebounds, uses body to get easy rebounds.

Weaknesses: Lack of time on the court was due to not being the best big on Kentucky. Body is there, but needs more time on the court to develop a feel for the game.  Ineffective when facing up.  Also, he will struggle to guard the quicker bigs in the league due to average lateral quickness.

NBA Comparison: Kendrick Perkins