Damion James

Damion James was an early season contender for the John Wooden award for the best player in college basketball.  As the season went on, his play, and his teams play, faltered and he slowly fell out of the conversation.  He doesn’t have the upside of some, but his abilities project him as a mid-first round pick.

Strengths: Showed the ability to score off the dribble this season, which he was not effective doing last season.  Scores most of his points in the mid-range game on pull-up and catch and shoot jump shots.  Long and a deceptively good athlete.  Uses his body and athleticism to rebound the ball at a high rate.  Catches everything in sight when being passed the ball in the post.

Weaknesses: Also going to be called a “tweener” and lacks a position at the NBA level.  Sometimes gets in an offensive mindset where he settles for contested and difficult shots.  Not a go-to guy, as evidenced by Texas’ collapse this season.  Question whether he benefited from the talent around him at Texas.

NBA Comparison: Gerald Wallace