Avery Bradley

A lot of critics think that Avery Bradley should return for his sophomore year at Texas.  We’re of the persuasion that as long as you’re a first round pick you should go to the draft.  Depending on team need, Bradley could be well served by leaving his name in this draft.

Strengths: An absolute scoring machine, always looking for a way to attack and score.  Makes a lot of shots that other players wouldn’t even attempt, which, when falling, makes him incredibly dangerous on the offensive end.  Keeps himself under control when attacking, which gives him the ability to pull up or go to the basket on every drive.  Handles the ball well enough for a shooting guard.

Weaknesses: Takes a few too many contested shots, which can absolutely kill a team if his shot isn’t falling.  Undersized for a shooting guard at the NBA level and can struggle to get his shot up against longer athletic defenders.  Not a good enough passer to play significant minutes at the point.

NBA Comparison: Eric Gordon