Al-Farouq Aminu

Al-Farouq Aminu could have left Wake Forest after his freshman season and been a lottery pick.  In returning to Wake he showed that he was able to lead a team without much help.  Aminu could go anywhere from 3rd overall to 10th.

Strength: Aminu has shown the ability to play either forward position in the ACC in his sophomore season.  At the next level, we see him as more of a small forward, so his improving ability to put the ball on the floor is encouraging.  His long arms and size allow him to get rebounds at a high rate.  He is a team player who understands his role in the offense which will be important at the next level as a teams 2nd or 3rd option offensively.

Weakness: His outside shot could use improvement, and developing a three point jump shot would greatly benefit him.  Also, adding weight to his frame so he can play the power forward would help.  If he developed a simple post game he could see his role expand as an NBA player.

NBA Comparison: Shareef Abdul-Rahim